We tested NitroBrew and found (almost) every use of it – part 2

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We continue the presentation and testing of the new trendy NitroBrew from last week’s article.


NitroBrew beer

One of NitroBrew’s main arguments for a NitroBrew kettle is to nitro your favorite beer. We have to assure you, it works perfectly fine! You only have to keep in mind one little thing: if you force nitro in, you will force carbonation out. If you are the kind of drinker who likes a little sparkle, you never should nitro your entire hoppy refresher. I preferred to keep 2/3 of my beer as it is and just using the rest to get the foamiliciousness. Same with everything else that bubbles…


NitroBrew coffee

Game maker number two: coffee. Nitro Cold Brew is, without any doubt, a great thing to do. Only little downside compared to a tap, is the durability of foam and texture. The longer the coffee sits at the barrel and therefore is able to enrich itself with the nitro, the better the result will get. We kept ours in for at least 24 hours to get satisfying results. This time is missing using the kettle, even though the shaking speeds up the process. For a quick shot of a single serve of nitro satisfaction it’s a great alternative though. Especially if you keep in mind the cost, space and maintenance issues that come along with a stationary tap.


Nitro Brew


"Game maker number two: coffee. NitroBrew cold coffee is, without any doubt, a great thing to do."


If adding a little sugar or milk, the durability of the foam already improves. A big advantage, especially because milk beverages in a tap can be a pain. More than this you’re able to react on every customer request. Nitro Coldbrew? Here we go! Add a little Nitro Milk? Of course! Nitro Matcha Latte? Pfff… Any challenges?


NitroBrew cocktails

From a bartender’s view, this was the most interesting and most potential category for me. I tested it with short and long drinks and have to admit that a Nitro Manhattan is a dangerously quaffable sip of straight booze. If you add a little egg white or other emulsifiers, like Xanthan Gum or ProEspuma, you get a crazy creaminess and texture into your drink without shaking your arms off! You should definitely try a Nitro Pisco Sour or Ramos Fizz!


"From a bartender’s view, NitroBrew cocktails was the most interesting and most potential category for me. I tested it with short and long drinks and have to admit it works great!"


If you want to you can build up your drinks directly in the kettle, add ice and use it instead of your shaker. You have to shake it anyway. The only thing you should be really dainty with is not to let any solids like pulp, herbs or spices into the kettle, as they will clog the valve immediately.




Basically you can nitro anything that’s liquid and under 50°C. Milkshakes, juices, wines, spirits etc, and if you want to be one step ahead, why not trying a Nitro-Gazpacho?


NitroBrew conclusion

The NitroBrew is a very versatile tool that only gives very few limitations to your creativity. Even though it can’t reach a classic Nitro Tap in matter of durability and texture of the beverage and some small thinks that could be improved like the handle and the sealing mechanism, its advantages are obvious if you look at costs, flexibility, space and handling. Definitely an alternative tool that doesn’t has to hide!


After my Economic High School, where I could learn the basics of business management, I collected first experiences as a Bartender by visiting a bartender school near Munich. To expand...


"We tested NitroBrew and found (almost) every use of it – part 2"

Beans n Booze, Uncategorized

Published on 14/06/2017