International Sherry Week recap

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Writing an international column focussing on all things fortified, might seem a little odd, especially if you haven’t been introduced to the delightful delicacies that are Sherry, Port, Madeira and their relatives.

Still today these products are highly underestimated, undervalued and underappreciated –neglected or tolerated at best. Being offered a glass of Sherry before or after dinner, least of all as a pairing option, is a rare treat.


"While some countries and foodie scenes, seem to be more open minded and excited about fortified wines, the majority of every-day-guests at the bar and restaurant is suspicious when it comes something not classically resembling White, Red, Rose or fancy Bubbly."


Thankfully there are quite a few ambitious spokesmen, and –women, constantly spreading the word and offering delicately delicious concepts of many kinds.

International Sherry Week is a unique bundling of global events, all unified under the same fortified roof, linked by a common believe, a shared passion and love for Andalusia’s magical wines.



“Over the week from 2-8 November 2015, Sherry became a global talking-point, with news of the event garnering over 20 million hashtag impressions #sherryweek. through Social Media, events around the world were shared, providing inspiration and guidance on menu pairings, sherry cocktail recipes and tasting notes, with heavily increased activity on both Twitter -over 600 tweets per day- and Instagram.” says the official debrief from the Consejo Regulador.

Spread across five continents, with 25 countries participating, International Sherry Week saw roughly 1.500 events, all highlighting the many forms this wine can take.

Yet again, this is another push in the right direction and a huge success, not only for those participating, but also for everybody who might have heard, read or thought about this event series.

So see you next year, start your preparation today, and simply enjoy the heavenly delights of fortified fun. Not only during one week.



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"International Sherry Week recap"

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