Classic Rutherglen Muscat 12. A great Aussie kind

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Down Under’s sticky treasures might have been a little obscure to some of our well-disposed readers. Chances are –even though you now know the stuff exists– you never had a chance to sample Australian fortified wines. So read on and imagine the golden liquid slowly smoothing your tongue and taste buds with utter deliciousness.


"Classic Rutherglen Muscat 12, Stanton & Killeen, Victoria, Australia: Crystal clear, gleaming dark golden amber, brownish-orange reflex, high viscosity."


The nose is super clean, intense with luscious sugar impressions up front. The grape is there most certainly, raisins, stewed and dried fruits, orange zest and thick cut marmalade, honey as well as beeswax, honeycomb and a little sprinkle of sea salt on top. Then there’s gingerbread coated in caramel, walnuts and apricot jam. With a little time the more savory notes start to ascend, umami like, very light soy sauce, salty olive brine in a fascinating dialogue with overripe banana and bitter chocolate. Very mature, complex and definitely “full on”


Classic Rutherglen Muscat 12, Stanton & Killeen

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The palate is super soft, elegant creamy sweetness, mouth coating. A huge body! Acidity is well balanced and just enough to give a little hint of freshness, contrasting the luscious tones of this winey colossus. Raisins again, there’s some bitter tones as well, almost medicinal, iodine next to bitter chocolate, rum fruits, runny honey, dried figs, fermented banana, roasted nuts sprinkled with spices.


"Very compact structure, warming but superbly well-integrated alcohol. And here comes brioche again, stewed oolong tea, cashew nuts, slight bitterness."


Very long, intense finish, playful and balanced, this is a wine with lots of finesse, even though the body is immense, you’ll go back for another sip, time after time, no sugar overload, no overwhelming feelings.


Classic Rutherglen Muscat 12. Does it worth it?

One thing is for sure: if you haven’t had a fortified wine from Down Under yet, it’s time to warm up your Google engine and get your hands on some delicious juice.

Classic Rutherglen Muscat 12 is unique in style, but still coherently fitting the fortified category in general; different but not for the sake of being different; this wine is a hidden gem worthwhile the time, money and effort. Bring it on, Aussie girls and boys!


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"Classic Rutherglen Muscat 12. A great Aussie kind"

Factotum Fortified

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