Snow White Port and the fortifieds

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White Port is a bit of a curiosity when it comes to the Douro valley’s fortified treasures. Whilst most people consider Port wine to always be red and sweet, the pale-faced sibling is neither of them.

Well, it’s not crystal clear juice like a run-off-the-still spirit, and it’s certainly not bone dry, but nestled in the illustrious circle of Rubies, Vintages and Colheitas, White Port offers diversity and excitement to the connoisseur.

Produced from white grapes and aged for approximately three years, the freshness and crisp signature of the wine is predominantly enjoyed slightly chilled as an aperitif, accompanying cheese, nuts and other foodie delights. But it can also be treated as a classic “Port ‘n’ Tonic”.


"But how about sitting down with a glass of white Port and enjoying it as a soloist? A singing violin gracefully smothering the epicure in its soft tones…"


Fonseca, White Port, 20% vol. Porto

Arinto, Boal, Codega and a few other white grape varieties are carefully selected for this blend, mostly coming from the upper areas of the Douro valley. The wines are individually aged for around three years before being vatted to create a mellow, alluring and fairly traditional style of wine.

Brightly shining, crisp and clear amber, gold, glossy orange around the edges. Very viscous.


white port, fonseca


Clean, elegantly floral and aromatic. Fresh citrus notes alongside luscious grape juice and thick marmalade, unripe cherries, cherry blossom and Kirsch. Plums proudly, sitting next to raisins, before a slightly herbal spiciness starts to shimmer through, honey comb and bees wax. Fresh, juvenile and full of energy. Dry almonds, briny salinity, camphor and dandelion.

The sweetness is perfectly balanced by a distinctive acidity and fresh handwriting. Smooth tannins and oily texture, very compact and well structured. Warming, lingering alcohol but well integrated, a little straight (not to say one dimensional), medium length, finish and complexity.

A charming, quaffable white Port, offering a refreshing but still luscious drinking experience, solid on its own, perfectly served chilled or over ice with a splash of Tonic -even Ginger Ale works well.


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"Snow White Port and the fortifieds"

Factotum Fortified

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