Have you had yourself a sherry little Christmas?

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Yet again, we’ve seen it all: an absolutely bonkers and insanely stressed-out behaviour of roughly about 90% of the people, a crazy frenzy during what was eventually supposed to be one of the most romantic, idyllic and quiet times of the year. Much rather a month-long nightmare for most, everybody again seemed to be busy, busier, the busiest. And just as Christmas had slowly waived its goodbyes, people went nuts for New Year’s eve, eagerly contributing to the annual sales numbers of sparkling wine at least, all to be washed down with myriads of extra calories people will be complaining about for the next twelve months, alongside millions of bucks worth of fireworks and noisy cracky bangers.

What a shame… But let’s put things straight: I love Christmas, I adore December and the excitement of New Year just around the corner. I just really feel sorry for all the business men and women, restlessly running from one appointment to the other, occasionally interrupted by the next uber-bling-blingy festive season party with colleagues and clients, suggesting they are important as hell.

If they manage five extra minutes into their holiday schedule to find some idiotic “look-what-daddy-ordered-for-you-online” gift, the kids will have –at least– another super expensive plastic fellow for the months to follow, inadequately compensating for a family they’ll never have.

Oh and think back to Christmas eve, a “dinner” most likely resembling an even more shockingly expensive some-sort-of-crap holiday season offering your local supplier dared to advertise, accompanying the family dispute “rocking around Christmas tree” and being responsibly accompanied by shitloads of booze to blur the memory.

And now, just a few days later it’s all gone, almost. The last Christmas trees are thrown out of the window; the last hangovers and red eyes are well hidden underneath the recent make up gifts, people are slowly and aversely starting to accept the extra kilos on their scales. January brings back just the random every day grind, ye’ ol’ life, business and “normality”.

But not only shiny decoration material gets put aside for another year, gone with it are the fusty bottles – Sherry and Port are solely destined for Christmas after all.

Here’s the shocking news: you could actually drink fortified wines all year round, not because you’re some sort of weird alcoholic desperately in need for cheap booze. Quite the opposite: it’s simply delicious stuff and suitable for so many occasions and seasons.


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Since there are still plenty of cold weather days ahead of us, why not feast on a warming punch, eggnog or glass of winter warming Madeira, Vintage Port or Oloroso Sherry? Soon to be followed by a Spring Cobbler, freshly efflorescent Amontillado and dry white Port, perfectly setting the mood for a summer spritz or chilled Fino. Mediterranean dreams in a glass!

The real geeks might be looking for something elaborate and off-the-beaten-tracks like vins doux naturels, a sprited wine from southern France, Commandaria (not necessarily fortified) celebrating millennia-old wine making traditions from Cyprus, or the lesser known Portuguese fortified from the Setúbal peninsula, joining the ranks of acclaimed Muscat wines, known as Moscatel de Setúbal with a luscious nutty, raisiny signature.

Sherry Christmas

By then you should already have a solid plan for your early fall trip to Andalusia, one of the most beautiful occasions to visit the Sherry triangle and drown in the delights of tapas, copitas and a mystical, historically rich area. And just before you can say “Sherry Christmas” you’ll start thinking about another holiday season ‘round the corner.

Full circle, here you go again. Maybe you’ll even find a spare moment to remove the dust from the half empty Port bottle you’ve been pullulating in the cupboard for 36 months.

Here’s to 2016, Happy New Year, may it be a prosperous and fortified one…


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"Have you had yourself a sherry little Christmas?"

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