Memories… Graham’s Vintage port 1966

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Miniskirts become the new “uber-trend”, Botswana and Lesotho gain independence, average costs for a new car are roughly 2.650 US dollar and Salvation Army celebrates 100th birthday… Heaven on earth, one may think? Kind of: it’s 1966!

Do you still have any clue what happened back in those days? Well, I wasn’t even close to becoming an idea in the back of my parent’s minds and drinking habits were slightly different for sure.

Uncorking a bottle dating back almost fifty years not only brings memories, it also pays homage to the amazing history and heritage of that specific beverage and should be yet another reminder of the stunning quality and aging potential of fortified wines.

1966 vintage can easily be described as a Port lover’s rare treat. Another epic year of red Douro magic, proudly sitting next to 1970, a few stunning 1977s and colleagues in bottled form.


"Dip your nose and tongue into this little beauty of a wine and you’ll be surprised with every new sip"


Whilst most of the younger vintages referred to as being of stellar quality, still show a certain lack of finesse due to their youth, many bottles from 1966 have reached a perfect drinking time capsule.

“NOW OR NEVER!!” No, let’s be honest, you don’t have to rush things or obversely be frightened to miss out on an irretrievable once-in-a-life opportunity. A great vintage port should first and foremost teach us not to rush, slow down, immerse and indulge in the deep beauty of “vinophil” luxury.

It is most certainly a very special moment to open such an iconic bottle, a Vintage Port from an amazing Port wine house like Graham’s, an amazing vintage like 1966, and from a bottle almost as big as myself.

The magnum must be treated with uttermost care, the cork is only a shadow of possible former glory, abundant is the sediment in the bottom of the precious glass giving home to even more precious liquid for such a long time.

The whole process itself is a celebration, a ceremony, the foreplay to heavenly organoleptic entrancement. I pour a glass. And then… Enough said, here are some tasting notes:

Vintage Port Graham’s 1966

Dark, roasted nuts, black olive, chocolaty, malt in big blocks, candy sweets, quince, jam and fresh fruit as well, salty mineraly, almost baked or rather smoked, the nose promises melting delights, then there’s leather, tobacco, hickory and nut brown butter, toasted brioche, almonds glazed in red berry jam.

The palate is full, super rich but still elegant, tight yet fresh, vital and youth like, first impressions are dark, roasted notes of prune and cherry, black currant marmalade, black pepper, pink pepper corns as well, bitter chocolate with loads of pure cocoa, very powerful, focused, chewy and oily with a vibrant intensity and concentration … oh, what a joy! Enthralling, electrifying!

Then the finish, which is only getting longer and longer by the minute! Dip your nose and tongue into this little beauty of a wine and you’ll be surprised with every new sip. Slow and steady, moderate, not showing all its complexity from the very beginning, but like a peculiar relationship, this needs time –and believe me, you’d better give. There’s a slight reminiscence of plum wine, structure and elegance carry all the flavor sensations to a never-ending peak.



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"Memories… Graham’s Vintage port 1966"

Factotum Fortified

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