Sherry Wine Week

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In its third year running, Sherry Wine Week is yet again looking forward to an eclectic number of events, tastings, dinners, masterclasses and celebrations around the world –all of course entwining around the beautiful fortified wines from Andalusia.

As “an international fiesta celebrating Spain’s unique Sherry Wines”, as the official website proudly states, wine merchants, bars, restaurants, hotels alongside various other people and places will join Sherry Wine Week.

Recent years saw over 2.000 events, in almost 30 countries around the globe, introducing more than 100.000 participants to the pleasures of Fino, Manzanilla and Co.

Flamenco, tapas, beautiful colors, aromas and flavors made the past editions a huge success, managed by Chelsea Anton in 2014 in collaborating with the Consejo Regulador and the Jerez Town Hall (even though it was called iSherryWeek back then).

The 2015 event series will run from November 2nd until November 8th, once again under the watchful eyes of the men and women at the regulating counsel.

One of the most important aspects of the event series is without a doubt social media and a global community, sharing the love and passion for Sherry wines. Everybody is wholeheartedly invited to follow the action via Twitter, Facebook or the official website. Furthermore registration and implementation of creative ideas is more than welcome and appreciated by the organizer (registration will start in July!)

Get on your toes, join the conversation and spread the word! Or if you’re really up for it and ready to roll the dice properly, start your own event.


Twitter: @sherrywines


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"Sherry Wine Week"

Factotum Fortified, News

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